Sunday, October 16, 2011

Announcing the Opening of Uncle Bill's Legendary Backcountry Gator Sauce World Headquarters!

Hey,  Everybody!
Tim Joe Comstock,  CEO
Dateline Florida.
Man,  nobody ever said 'Ol Tim Joe is the swiftest runner in the pack or the sharpest knife in the drawer or any other kind of Superlative Creature. Sometimes it takes me awhile to Figure It Out.   Here I am sitting on 55 sample bottles of Uncle Bill's Legendary Backcountry Gator Sauce and just hoping to ship it out to all my friends....wait...uh, okay,  I already shipped it out to both my friends so what I guess  I mean is there's 53 bottles left so:
 Come And Get It!

As Official Spokesman and Front Man for Uncle Bill's It only occurred to me a minute ago that I could start a Blog here on Booger in order to establish some kind of Home Base and World Headquarters where everyone can come and  hear  the Beautiful and Tasty story of Uncle Bill and his Semi-Loyal and Half-Witty Sidekick the Trailer Park Cyclist.  Here is a picture of our World Headquarters:

Each Highly Secret Phase of Sauce Production takes place in these sterile and more-or-less Government Approved laboratory-kitchen places.  (That's the official story.)

Here's How Ya Do It
It cost $5.00 at the local House of Snail Mail to stick it in one of those soft bubbly envelopes (the sauce,  I mean) and then a few days later there it is!  After that you simply slap it on your Favorite Grillin' Food of Choice and voila!  You will be Hooked and my Evil Plan Will Have Worked.

Boo,  Our Receptionist and Envelope Stuffer

Why We Do It
Until I have every Cyclist, Biker, Hog-farmer and Hay-bailer in America and the Ukraine and Points In Between addicted to this stuff Uncle Bill will have to keep mowing lawns and I will have to keep fixing up crappy trailers so Get Off Your Butts and Send Me All Your Money.

It Ain't $19.99
Or at least respond in the comments section below and I'll hassle out a sample on an individual basis.  Matt Dillon over at Dillon Bikes swapped a DB T-Shirt for a sample bottle and it was a Fair Enough Trade.  I guess. I don't know.  I hope he thinks so.   I'm just a Trailer Park Cyclist and Repairman so my business deals don't always go the way I planned but if you work with me I'm sure we can figure out a way to put some South In Your Mouth.

Until Then:  Gator Up,  Everybody!

Our Founder 

Uncle Bill,  World's Nicest Man and Last Living Keeper of the Secret of the Sauce